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No, Celebrities Are Not Born With Perfect Teeth

Have you ever noticed how flawless your favorite celebrity looks every time you see him or her on television? They flash a smile so perfect you are blinded by it. Despite what you may think, celebrities are not born with flawless pearly white teeth. They had crooked, chipped, stained, and missing teeth just like you do at one point in time. They just went to a cosmetic dentist and got their teeth fixed with crowns, veneers, dental implants, and bridges. Dick Van Dyke and Tom Cruise are just a few of the many celebrities who have cosmetic dentistry to tank for their flawless smiles.

1. Tom Cruise

For any female with a crush on Tom Cruise, it may be hard to picture him with anything but perfect teeth. It was not until his role in the film "Mission Impossible" that he had full set of dental veneers installed.

2. Dick Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke is an actor that has had what seemed like a perfect smile for as long as anyone can remember. This is why many of his fans were shocked when he revealed that he had dental implants on Twitter. On the social media website, he indirectly revealed he had implants by claiming he believed they may be the reason he was suffering from chronic headaches.

3. Howie Mandel

In an interview in a magazine called Dear Doctor, Howie Mandel gets personal about his experience with cosmetic dentistry. Howie's story is especially interesting because he had an accident during the filming of a comedy in 1987 that resulted in him needing a crown. Shortly after having a crown placed on his tooth, he made the decision to get his entire smile fixed using dental veneers.

4. Ed O'Ross

When Ed O'Ross lost one of his teeth his career doing voiceover work took a serious hit. He told his friends, fans, and family members he had a difficult time speaking in various accents and found himself slurring his works because of is missing tooth. Fortunately, Ed learned dental implants could give him back his missing tooth and his ability to do voiceover work again.

Just because you lose your teeth, it does not necessarily mean they are gone forever. Furthermore, getting veneers, implants, or other cosmetic dentistry done does not mean everyone in the world is going to be able to tell. Just look at Dick Van Dyke who was on the big screen for decades before his fans knew he had implants. If missing or damaged teeth make you unhappy with your appearance or prevent you from being able to do something, you should talk to a cosmetic dentist, such as Dr. James Oline, about your options.