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Hearing Loss: The Causes & Hearing Aid Options To Help You Cope With It

Does watching your favorite television shows require that the volume is turned up high because you have hearing problems? You can put an end to struggling with hearing if you visit a specialist about getting a hearing aid that can amplify sound waves. Below, learn about the causes of hearing loss and what your hearing aid choices are.

What are the Causes of Hearing Loss?

Spending a lot of time in a loud environment can be the reason you are having problems with hearing. Too much exposure to loud noise can damage the organs in your inner ear that are responsible for amplifying the vibrations from sound waves. It is a good idea to wear earplugs when you are exposed to loud noise and are in a situation that can't be avoided, such as at work.

Ototoxicity is another way that someone can suffer hearing loss. The condition comes about from taking aspirin and anti-malarial drugs. There are some antibiotics that can cause ototoxicity as well, such as aminoglycoside antibiotics. The drugs are harmful because they can damage the organs in your inner ear, just like loud noise can. Ototoxicity can also cause you to suffer balance and coordination problems. Getting a hearing aid is a great way to cope with hearing loss.

What Kind of Hearing Aid Options are Available?

One type of hearing aid that may be of an interest is the type that is worn on the ear. The hearing aid is placed behind your ear and has a piece that comes down that fits into the ear canal for sound amplification. There is also an area on the hearing aid that will allow you to adjust the level of sound you can hear. For instance, you can turn the hearing aid down if you feel like noise is too loud.

Another hearing aid choice is the type that you can wear directly in your ear. Hearing aids that are worn inside of the ear are less visible than other types of hearing aids, and they are not as big as the ones worn on the ear.

Watching television will be much more enjoyable when you can hear it in a clear manner. After getting examined by a hearing specialist, the solution to your hearing problem may be wearing a hearing aid. Contact a specialist to find out what can be done to treat your hearing loss problem!