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Sex And Superstition: Don't Believe These 3 Lies About Stds

From Kentucky to South Dakota, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are spreading rapidly from partner to partner. There are some really dumb myths that cause people to engage in the risky sexual behaviors that lead to STDs, and the following 3 are the worst lies:

Sexually transmitted diseases are only a concern for younger people.

There's this silly idea floating around that sex is no longer risky once you pass a certain age. No lie is more insidious than this one. Cases of STDs are increasing in all age groups due to myths about how diseases are spread.

Left untreated, some STDs will do significant damage to the body, particularly among older people. It's vitally important that sexually active people of all ages go to their STD clinics on a routine basis to be tested.

Not only do you protect yourself and your partners by having regular STD screenings, you set an example for younger people. While you're at the clinic having tests done, pick up some literature about safe sex to hand out, or leave information in places where young people will see it.

Abstinence only is the best way to avoid disease.

If the world were perfect, this theory might be proven true. Unfortunately, STDs have increased all over the country, including in places that have pushed an abstinence-only sex education model for their students. Parents and school administrators may long for sexual abstinence in young people, but they hope in vain.

Rather than punishing young people by denying them access to information about safe sex, there are free STD clinics that give curious young people the knowledge they need to be safe. Problems grow worse when young people are forced into isolation by shame, but free STD testing clinics offer treatment options and counseling to help people avoid getting sick from sexual activity in the future.

The truth is, real world problems need real world solutions. Judgment is no substitute for treatment. While some folks argue that it's dating apps or 50 Shades of Whatever that are causing the rising STD rates, the fact is that making STD testing easier to get is the best way to stop the spread of diseases among teens and young adults.

Once you have an STD, your sex life and your reputation are shot.

This is a myth that truly needs to be put to rest. In the first place, not being tested is for losers. Truly responsible people get themselves checked at a place like a free std clinic and inform their partners if they have any problems. People look up to adults who are accountable and concerned about the welfare of others even when it's uncomfortable or embarrassing.

Secondly, with successful treatment and the subsequent practice of safe sex, you can have a fulfilling sex life after an STD. The secret to living with long-term STDs is managing your sexuality to reduce risks to yourself and others. As long as you communicate with your partner, and follow the guidelines your clinic gives you, life can still be exciting and enjoyable.