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The Benefits Of Motivational Enhancement Therapy For Drug Dependence

If you or a loved one are preparing to enter a treatment center for drug dependence or addiction, there are many factors you need to consider when selecting a treatment facility. What type of therapy is offered is one of these factors. One of the types of therapies that may be offered is motivational enhancement therapy, or MET. Learning the benefits of this type of therapy will help you decide if it may be the right type of therapy for you or your loved one, and if you should look for a treatment center that offers it. Here are three of the benefits of MET.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy is Personalized

Traditionally, many treatment plans and facilities have offered cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of therapy is used to identify triggers and thought patterns. It is not personalized and the same approach is used for most patients. On the other hand, MET is personalized to what is motivating a person to get clean and stay clean. Finding out what motivates a person, reminding them of that and setting specific goals to their situation can be beneficial.

Those Who Have Undergone MET Had Higher Compliance Rates

Another major benefit to motivational enhancement therapy for drug dependence is that those who used this therapy method had increased compliance rates, reduced rates of drug use and fewer arrests. If you or are a loved one are looking to get clean, you want a program that works. The benefit to this type of therapy is that studies have shown it works and the stats back it up.

Can Help the Unmotivated

The last benefit to motivational enhancement therapy is that it has been shown to be beneficial to those who may not be all that motivated to change. If someone is not motivated to put in the work to get clean, the process can be challenging and many often fail. However, MET gets patients to think about and talk about what goals they have in life and where they see themselves. Starting with simple goals can help to motivate or open the eyes of someone who may not be all the motivated. Setting a small goal can make the process seem easier, and as they begin reaching their small goals, they may become more motivated to set higher goals.

There are many types of therapies offered at drug dependence treatment centers. Learning the benefits of the different types of therapies will help you hone in on the therapy that may be best for you or a loved one who is looking for the right treatment center.