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FAQ about Short-Term Rehab after a Stroke

Did your parent recently suffer a serious stroke? If you are trying to figure out how to help them recover from the stroke complications now that they have been discharged from the hospital, you should know that short-term rehabilitation in a nursing facility is worth considering. Take a look at this article for the answers to common questions about undergoing short-term rehabilitation in a nursing facility for stroke complications.

Will Help Be Provided for Learning Daily Tasks?

Your parent will receive what is known as occupational therapy while he or she undergoes short-term rehabilitation. Basically, the nurses will help your parent learn to do numerous daily tasks to help with regaining his or her independence. These tasks include learning to put on clothes with only partial movement in one hand, bathing, holding cooking utensils, and many other common daily activities.

What Can Be Done about Speech Impairment?

Your parent will have sessions with a speech pathologist at the nursing facility. The specialist will teach your parent techniques that can help them get into the habit of not slurring words. Reading out loud and repeating words that the specialist says are some of the activities that might be done.

Can Nurses Help with Limb Movement?

Physical therapy is provided during a short-term stay at a nursing facility. Therapists will assist your parent with moving his or her limbs, which is important for overcoming partial paralysis. The therapists will massage your parent's limbs to keep blood circulating as it should. Your parent will also be encouraged to walk with and without the support of a walker, which can prepare him or her for more independence upon returning home.

Will Meals Be Provided During the Short-Term Stay?

Your parent will be provided with meals throughout his or her stay at the nursing facility. The meals will be prepared based on your parent's medical condition. So you don't have to worry about him or her eating foods that are harmful to his or her health, such as too much salt.

Will Family Members Be Able to Participate?

You will be able to participate in rehabilitating your parent. For instance, specialists will give you pointers on how to properly care for your parent after he or she leaves the nursing facility. Keep in mind that there will likely only be certain times in which you can participate, but that depends on the specific nursing facility that your parent is admitted into. Discuss admission into a short-term rehabilitation nursing facility with your parent to find out if he or she is interested.

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