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Has Your Loved One Been Diagnosed With Cancer? 4 Simple Steps You Can Take To Be There For Them

If your loved one has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, you might not know what to do. You might be afraid that you're not going to handle it the right way. It's important for you to know that there isn't a "right way" to handle this type of news. All you can do is handle it in a manner that works for you. It's also important for you to know that your loved one is going to need you there, now more than ever. Here are four things you can do that will help your loved one cope with the road ahead.

Keep Things Normal

Your loved one knows that things are going to change – drastically. That's why it's so important that you keep things as normal as possible. If you and your loved one have specific routines, stick to them. Make sure that your loved one sees that some things are going to stay the same.

Be Willing to Ask Questions

Your loved one needs to know that you care. They need to know that you're involved in their journey through this. Be willing to ask questions – lots of them. Take the time to do research and ask questions about their treatment options, anything that will get you involved in the process.

Be an Active Listener

Here's where it gets tricky. You have to be willing to be an active listener. This actually goes hand-in-hand with asking questions. Once you ask questions, be willing to listen to the answers and accept them – even if you don't always agree with them. This is particularly important when it comes to lung cancer treatment options that your loved one has chosen, or end-of-life decisions that they might have made. Your loved one needs to know that you're going to be there for them even when you don't agree with the choices they've made.

Laugh Often

Lung cancer is a serious disease. It's no laughing matter. That doesn't mean you shouldn't laugh. In fact, you should laugh often. Your loved one is going to need the joy in their life. Find funny movies to share together. Read humorous books. Or just be willing to sit and laugh at life together.

If your loved one has cancer, you need to find ways to be there for them. The information provided here will help you find ways to love and support your loved one as they go through this journey.