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Products To Make Your Bathroom More Accessible When You Have Joint Pain

When you experience significant joint pain, you may find the bathroom becomes a difficult place to navigate. Fortunately, there are assistive devices to make almost any bathroom more accessible without making permanent renovations.

Bath Lifts

When you have difficulties sitting in the bathtub, you may erroneously believe your days of soaking in a hot bath are over. Even when you cannot afford a walk-in tub, there are options. Purchasing a bath lift can solve this dilemma. A bath lift is a chair that gently lowers you into the tub. Many models attach to your existing bathtub and can be moved out the way so other people in your home can use the bathtub. The chair operates with a rechargeable battery. If you need a traditional shower chair, you could also use your bath lift for showering. Since the bath lift does not require permanent installation, it is ideal for apartments or other residences where you cannot modify the bathroom.

Hand Showers

Installing a detachable hand shower is an easy renovation project and some models can work in conjunction with your existing showerhead. If you cannot stand for long periods in the shower and use a shower chair to help with bathing, you likely find that it is difficult to sit under the stream of water comfortably. By using a hand shower, you can point the water directly where you need it while remaining seated. It is also ideal for hard-to-reach areas, such as rinsing your back or feet without assistance. Choose models that can be mounted within reach while you are seated. Another advantage of using a hand shower is you can aim the flow of warm water directly on a problematic joint to help reduce pain or loosen stiff joints.

Hand Railings

Hand railings are important in the bathroom when you have joint pain or experience physical limitations. Unfortunately, they may need to be permanently affixed to the wall. Hand railings that can be suctioned to the wall are a good solution. These types of hand railings have suction cups that hold them securely to the wall. They can be affixed to the shower or near the toilet seat. Since they are not permanent, you may choose to pack your hand railing when you travel or stay in a hotel, just to be certain you can use the bathroom comfortably.

When you have joint pain and range-of-motion concerns, you need to make the bathroom accessible to reduce pain and injuries. Making simple modifications to your bathroom can make dealing with joint pain a little easier. Click here to learn more about home mobility aids.