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Do Bed Frames with a Higher Weight Capacity Exist?

Bed frames sold in different stores, both offline and online, tend to have a set weight limit. Unfortunately, the weight limit is not always high enough for heavier people, leading to unsafe sleeping conditions if a heavier person were to use one of those bed frames. While the average bed frame typically holds up to 600 pounds, there are specially designed bed frames that hold more weight.

Are Options with Higher Weight Limits More Reliable?

The thing about traditional bed frames is that they can break if those using the bed frames exceed the weight limit. If two heavier people are sleeping together on a mattress, the bed frame can begin breaking, eventually collapsing on the floor and putting those individuals at risk of getting hurt while trying to get some rest.

Bed frames with a much higher weight capacity are more reliable because of the vital materials used to make them and the added support included in the design. It makes much more sense for heavier and taller people to choose one of the reliable options that can hold more weight without breaking or collapsing.

What Are Additional Features to Want in a Bed Frame With a Higher Weight Capacity?

While the higher weight capacity is a terrific reason to choose a 1050 lbs. capacity bed frame, users may appreciate other essential features that come with these bed frames to provide secure and sound sleep for people of all different weights and heights. The added features to want in a bed frame with a higher weight capacity include:

  • Non-slip grip on the legs of the bedframe
  • No need for box spring 
  • Added bed legs for additional support
  • Noise prevention system to keep the bed frame from squeaking when users move around
  • Warranty that allows users to get their money back if the bed frame purchased is not for them

Several of the 1050 lbs. capacity bed frames come with these features, along with multiple other features that can make sleeping in a bed much more comfortable for those who are a bit heavier and need the extra support.

Traditional bed frames do not usually hold more than 600 pounds, including the weight of the mattress used. Those who are heavier and would like to feel more supported on a comfortable bed while they sleep can pick out one of the bed frames with a higher weight capacity. These bed frames often include supportive features that create a safer and more enjoyable sleep for everyone.

Learn more by contacting companies that offer 1050lbs. capacity bedframes.