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Tips For New Hookah Owners

A hookah is one of the more popular smoking devices, but it will require a number of different accessories. For those that have only recently purchased or started using a hookah, it can be easy to fail to follow some steps when it comes to the hookah accessories that they are using.

Ensure The Hookah Accessories Fit Properly

Whenever you are buying accessories for your hookah, you will want to be sure that you are choosing accessories that will properly fit it. Choosing accessories that are too small for a hookah can make it hard to avoid leaks and get enough smoke when drawing on the hookah tip. Additionally, choosing accessories that are too large can actually damage the unit as you can split the hookah or the hose when you are trying to put these accessories in place.

Thoroughly Clean The Tips

The tip of the hookah will be the part of the system that you will use the most as it is the component that you use to draw smoke from the hookah. As a result of this, it is extremely important to regularly clean the hookah tip. Failing to do this on a regular basis can increase the risk of the hookah tips suffering serious performance problems. For example, dirt and other substances may actually clog the mouthpiece which may make it difficult to pull air through it. Luckily, these tips can be easily detached from the hookah hose so that you can soak and rinse them to remove any substances that may be starting to accumulate.

Keep A Spare Hookah Hose

The hose of the hookah can be one of the parts that will be the most likely to suffer significant damage. In particular, punctures are an extremely common problem as these hoses will often be made of little more than thin plastic. If the hose develops a puncture or tear, much of the smoke will be able to escape before it reaches the mouthpiece. To avoid letting this problem ruin your smoking experience, you may want to keep a spare hookah hose readily available. In the event that there is a problem with your hookah's hose, you can swap it out in a matter of minutes. When storing the hookah hose, you should keep it in an area where it will be safe from being squished by heavy items. If the hose gets crushed, you may have a harder time drawing smoke through it. Contact a hookah store for more information.