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5 Areas Of Your Body Where You Might Want Laser Hair Removal To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal could be what you need when you're tired of the pain from waxing and the time needed for shaving every day. Lasers can remove hair from many areas of your body. Laser hair removal is often permanent if you do the required number of treatments. Since hairs grow at different rates and are in different phases of growth, you'll need multiple laser treatments spread out over months to completely eliminate hair growth.

Laser hair removal is most effective on dark hairs that are contrasted against lighter skin. However, if you have dark skin, you may still be able to have laser hair removal done. A dermatologist will assess your skin and hair and let you know if lasers will work for you.

If hair does start to grow back, it's usually thinner and lighter so it isn't as noticeable. Hair that starts to regrow can be removed with maintenance treatments. 

Here are five areas of your body you may want to have hair removed with laser treatments. 

1. Back

Your back is one of the most inconvenient places to have unwanted hair. You can't reach your own back to shave it, and it's time-consuming to go to a salon to have your back waxed all the time. Plus, waxing hurts. Laser treatments can be done on your back to eliminate hair permanently so you never have to worry about showing your back.

2. Underarms

If you like to wear sleeveless clothing, you may need to shave your underarms every few days. If you get embarrassed about underarm hair, you may wish you could get rid of it permanently. Laser hair removal treatments are a solution to consider.

Unfortunately, the underarms tend to experience the most pain from laser treatments, but your doctor can use numbing cream to make the treatment tolerable. 

3. Legs

The legs are a popular part of the body to have laser hair removal because other options are only temporary and inconvenient. Shaving has to be done often to keep hair growth away and waxing is uncomfortable.

Laser treatment sessions last longer for leg hair removal since a larger surface area of skin has to be treated. You may feel a sensation like stinging or snapping against your skin, but the discomfort is worth it to be free from leg hair.

4. Face

You may only need laser treatments on an upper lip, chin, or neck when you have unwanted facial hair. If you like to grow a beard, you might want laser treatments to get rid of hairs that give your beard an odd shape. You might want hairs removed from your cheek area so your bead has a defined shape as it grows out. You can also have laser treatments to shape your sideburns.

5. Bikini Area

Laser treatments can be done in the sensitive bikini area too. You might want all of your hair removed or you may just want your hair shaped. 

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