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Did You Recently Take Up Hunting? 3 Tips To Prevent Hearing Loss With Ear Plugs

The sound of your firearm going off may give you a thrill, but you should always be aware that gunshots reach unsafe decibel levels that can damage your hearing. Yet, hunters face challenges with hearing protection since you need to be comfortable while out on the range and your ability to hear certain noises is essential for your safety. As you get more into your new favorite sport, use these tips to prevent hearing loss by knowing how to properly use and care for your earplugs for shooting.

1. Choose the Right Type of Ear Protection

There are several types of hearing protection available to hunters, and these include items such as noise-canceling headphones as well as foam earplugs. While these can provide some protection against hearing loss, most hunters find that over-the-head earmuffs tend to be uncomfortable when combined with other gear such as hats. 

Foam ear plugs are also hard for some people to wear since they can fall out if they are too large. Disposable earplugs that are improperly fitted or inserted may also not lower the decibel levels enough to fully protect your hearing. Since you are more likely to wear hearing protection that fits well and minimizes noise, custom shooting ear plugs are ideal for ensuring that you always protect your ears.

2. Keep the Plugs Clean

Even with custom-made earplugs, the fit can be altered if you do not keep them clean. Once you receive your ear plugs, make sure to find out how to clean them after each use. Typically, you must simply use a soft cloth to wipe away any ear wax or dirt that accumulates. If there is a large amount of debris, then you may use a mild solution of soap and water to get them clean.

3. Store Your Ear Plugs With Your Gear

Your new ear plugs are only effective when you wear them, and it's easy to leave them behind when you are packing up your gear. For this reason, you need to get a designated storage case that keeps the ear plugs safe when they are not in use. You can even find these in convenient hip pouch styles or with strings that allow you to attach them to your gear so that they don't get lost on the range. Make it a habit to always store your ear plugs with your gear after they are removed so that you never catch yourself without them.

When you are serious about hunting, you know that safety must always come first. By knowing how to wear and care for your earplugs, you can take care of your hearing so that you always stay safe during your practices and pursuits.