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Urgent Care Protects The Careers Of High School Pitchers With Broken Fingers

High-quality high school pitchers can turn their excellence into scholarships in college, and potentially, a career in a professional league. Unfortunately, broken fingers that aren't treated with specialized urgent care treatment may end their career before it starts.

How Pitchers Break Fingers

High school pitchers throw and catch dozens of pitches during an average game and may even have to stop a hard line drive hit over the pitcher's mound. Unfortunately, there is a real chance that the ball could hit their hand just right and break one of the fingers and trigger severe problems.

When a broken finger occurs, the pitcher needs to get out of the game right away and get treatment for this issue. Unfortunately, a broken finger that isn't taken care of immediately in a proper healthcare facility—such as urgent care—may never heal right and sabotage a pitcher's career.

Complications Caused By Improper Care

Broken fingers—though not a serious problem when treated properly—may become an issue if immediate care isn't taken to minimize further damage. For example, poor healing caused by improper setting could cause joint stiffness that makes it more difficult for a pitcher to throw.

Even worse, the player could suffer from a problem known as non-union. This situation occurs when the fractured bone doesn't grow back together properly and usually occurs when amateurs try to set the bone themselves. Issues like this could impact a pitcher's ability to throw so severely that they could end up losing their pitching strength and their chance to go to college or professional.

Urgent Care Centers Help

The moment a broken finger occurs on the pitcher's mind, the coach—and the pitcher's parents—need to take immediate steps to get the teen to an urgent care unit. While emergency rooms can help with broken fingers, they typically focus broken bone care on larger parts of the body, such as legs and arms.

However, urgent care centers can provide much of the same care as an emergency room and in a setting that is typically less crowded. High-quality urgent care centers will stabilize the pitcher's finger, set it in a cast, and work to make sure that it doesn't suffer complications.

So parents of high school teachers experiencing this problem need to keep their nearby urgent care in mind whenever they go to a baseball game. The choice to visit an urgent care center could just protect their teen from broken finger complications and help improve their chances of post-high-school sports success. For more information, reach out to urgent care clinics like the MED7 Urgent Care Center.